Get Unstuck.  An Integral Coaching® Approach to Change.

More and more people are turning away from quick fix and shallow approaches to change. In our rapidly shifting world, and as unique and complex beings, we need a method and approach to change that can hold and meet this complexity with wholeness, heart and reliability.

In this video series, you’ll meet Chela Davison, ICC’s President and lead teacher of the Integral Coaching® Certification Program. She will guide you through a series of reflections and exercises that will address a sticking point - some area you’ve wanted to experience change in but haven’t been able to until now.

You’ll get to peek behind the curtain into the method and theory that Integral Coaches™ use with their clients to gain traction and lasting change in areas that deeply matter.

Video 1: The Lay of the Land

This video practice series is about getting unstuck. And really, it’s about change; taking a look at how we can be at the source of the change we’re seeking and make it happen -- even when we’re stuck in a place where it feels like we’ve exhausted our options.

In this experiential 15-minute video, you'll be getting a handle on exactly what it is that has you "stuck" and taking a look at what you've tried up until now to get traction on this stuckness.  

Video 2: Perspectives of Stuckness

In this 25-minute video, we’re going to explore some interesting territory that will shine light onto how you’ve been approaching the area of stuckness that matters so deeply to you.  

By using one of our Integral Lenses, we'll uncover what may have been outside of your view, we'll take a look at it together, and see what new possibilities may open up as a result.

Video 3: Practicing Change

So far, we've done the work of clearly defining the territory of what's been holding us back.  From there, we looked at the capacities and capabilities you'll need to carry change forward.  

This 20-minute video moves you into the next step of actually planning and plotting out moves that will strengthen those capacities and capabilities -- moving you into the realm of practice.  And, for those who'd like to go further, we talk about what it means to engage a coach along your developmental path (or what it takes to become a coach!)